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by preserving and sharing your family's words today.

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We help you create a long-lasting, healthy relationship for you and your child.How?By strengthening family communication between you and your young one through your personal stories and poetry/picture books.Using our books with your voice, your words, and your stories will ensure an enduring relationship with your child. Everything our company creates is intentional to help you establish a lasting certain future for your family.

Current Project

The Dear Child of Mine Collection is a set of 5 keepsake books designed to promote healthy social and emotional growth in your young child.

The poetry in each book is written in your voice and from your perspective, a loving parent/caregiver, affirming your child's inherent worth and encouraging them to use their unique abilities to make a positive impact on the world.

The books feature diverse watercolor portraits of children from around the world, and finally offer a reflection section. Here, as a reader, you see yourself within the pages and understand that you yourself are valued and supported.

This series is meant to be shared by both you and your child as a way to strengthen your bond and foster a sense of belonging for years to come.Join the campaign for the first printing of the first book:
Dear Child of Mine: You Are Worthy of Being

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Dear Child of Mine: You Are Worthy of Being

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The true beauty of this keepsake book is having it read
in your voice, your words written inside, for your child,
for a lifetime.